Electrical – Features


Power supply 30A for 12V loads
4 RF light switches for interior lights with led strips
Switches for manual control of pumps
Tank level display for fresh/grey water


Power inlet
Power point for power supply
Switchboard with RCBO
3 Power points inside

Electrical – Options


Battery Installation
Bank 700 Ah 12V option  (max 2 as redundant system)                                                                               
Cell monitors for each bank                                                                                                                        
Balancers for each bank                                                                                                                            

Victron Blue Solar controller 150/85 for up to 10 solar panels (1350W)                                  
Second solar controller 150/85 for up to 10 solar panels (1350W)                                            
Contactor for solar controller                                                                                                                  
High current fuses with temperature sensors (per fuse)                                                                    
2x75sqmm battery cables with 12 mm lugs for inverter/charger   (per inverter)                        
50sqmm battery cable for solar controller up to 85 Amp charge current                                      

Telephone booster for Telstra network                                                                                            

RF dimmer switches for all lights (per light including wiring)                                                            
DMX bus for rgb light strips – power adapter/controller                                                                   
RGB light strips  – kitchen, living area, bedroom, work area, bathroom
per light including DMX bus decoder and wiring                                                                                   

Monochrome light strips  – kitchen, living area, bedroom, work area, bathroom
per light including RF decoder and wiring                                                                                               

Night mode internal movement sensors linked to rgb light strips (per unit)                                  
Night mode external movement security sensors linked to flood lights (per unit)                       

Control panel for 12V system with Victron CCGX, Multi control                                                   
Remote switch for small  inverter                                                                                                            

Battery monitor for house battery                                                                                                          
Battery monitor for chassis battery                                                                                                        

Solar Panels

135W flexible solar panel  up to 20                                                                                                        
Tilting panel mount with actuators for 8 panels and lock down mechanism                                                              
Tilting panel mount with actuators for 4 panels   and lock down mechanism                                        

Control electronics
Central control system comprising an Intel NUC with 15.6″ touch panel  
running InnoVan control program                                                                                                           

Software Modules:
12V Power control
AC Power Control
Waste water module
Fresh/Drink water module
Heating module
Security module
Lighting module
Device Monitor
Log module
Profile builder
Activity Module
Power Device module
Temperature module
Victron Modbus Driver                                                                                                           

Control Components:
Ethernet/ Can-Bus gateway                                                                                                                     
Can AC interface and feedback module main switch board                                                              
Can AC interface and feedback module sub switch board                                                                               
Can AC interface and feedback module shower pump/heater sub boards                                  
Can Multicontrol module                                                                                                                          
Can DMX control module                                                                                                                           
Can Valve Control Module                                                                                                                        
Can Valve Control Module 8                                                                                                                     
Can Valve Control Module Shower 6                                                                                                      
Can Shower controller                                                                                                                                
Can Heating Fan Control module Living/Bed                                                                                        
Can Heating Fan Control module Work/Bath                                                                                      
Can Temperature sampler                                                                                                                         
Can Battery cell monitor for bank 1                                                                                                        
Can Battery cell monitor for bank 2                                                                                                        
Can Solar contactor                                                                                                                                     

Slide-out power control for 2 slide outs                                                                                              
Can On-demand power control unit (sub circuit controller )                                                          
Can PIR sensor controller                                                                                                                            
PIR sensor with cable to controller                                                                                                         

Ethernet V Power Latch Circuit Controller  (8 circuits)                                                                     

Can bus wiring for control components with 0 Ohm terminator
at the last module (per meter including connectors)                                                                            


Victron Multiplus V 3000 Watt inverter/ charger with up to 120 Amp charge current          
Second 3000 Watt inverter/charger in tandem with first one (6 Kw)                                          
Second AC inlet with connection to second inverter/charger with safety relay                          
Small 1800W inverter for fridge, optional DC fan, optional awning                               

Cable upgrade to 32 amp (4sqmm) cable from inlet to inverter/charger with 3000 Watt         inverter/charger
Cable upgrade to 64Amp (6sqmm) cable from inverter to main switch board                            

15A socket for electric BBQ                                                                                                                      
Separate RCD for external power points.                                                                                              
RVD for each sub-board/main circuit                                                                                                     
Bedroom/Bathroom sub-board with remote control relays                                                             

Power points in appliance cabinet.                                                                                                         
Separate power points for entertainment center separate remote switchable                          
Additional power points in bedroom, bathroom and work area
separate remote switchable     (per group)                                                                                            

Power connection for electric cook top with separate remote switch                                          
Power connection for electric awning.                                                                                                    
Power point in fridge recess and power meter                                                                                    

Electric floor heating with thermostat per circuit in:
Living area                                                                                                                                                
Work area                                                                                                                                                      

Wiring for air condition unit with remote switchable circuit and power meter.                          

Peak demand auto start generator 3kVA built in with external exhaust and internal fuel tank.
Exhaust in accordance to rural fire service specifications.
Switchboard to switch out mains supply when generator starts.                                                

Large power package with 4 sub-boards for minimal power use                                                  


Ceramic cook top – electric with two plates alternatively induction cook top
Range hood – pull out                                                                                                                                 
External vent for range hood with automatic open/close mechanism
Inverter fridge/freezer combo 240l                                                                                                        

Small 12V bar fridge under cook top.                                                                                                      
Dish washer                                                                                                                                                   
2.5kg Washing machine                                                                                                                          
Dc ceiling fan                                                                                                                                                
Electrical awning with movement sensor 4.1 m                                                                                 
Double head split system aircon compressor (3kw) and separate
head unit in kitchen and bedroom with remote control (installed)                                              


60″ Led 4K Android TV on lift                                                                                                                
5 channel surround sound system with subwoofer                                                                            
Wifi access point                                                                                                                                          
Ethernet Router for LAN                             
Starlink mobile system (when available)                                                                                   


Security ip camera ( up to 4) on POE ethernet, 3 in the front, one in the rear                            
PoE router                                                                                                                                                      
Network video recorder for security cameras with hard drive                                                        

Reversing camera 170 degree                                                                                                                  
Rear view camera 60 degrees                                                                                                                   
Top view camera                                                                                                                                           
Underbelly camera                                                                                                                                        
Glass fiber AV modulator for up to 8 cameras to connect to the tow
vehicle with a single thin glass fiber cable.                                                                                           

Note:  Features are included in a basic version. Upgrades enhance or change basic features, where Options are entirely additional, selectable inclusions.