Plumbing – Features

80l gray water tank with 3 level sensor
80l fresh water tank with 3 level sensor
Fresh water pump
80l calorifier with electrical heater and heat exchanger
Hot/cold water connection in kitchen, bathroom vanity and shower
Shower rail and shower curtain
Cassette Toilet
Hot cold water pipes are plastic with John Guest push in fittings
Town water external connection and filler.                                                                                                                                                                       

Plumbing – Upgrades

Upgrade to 150l fresh water tank with manual valve                                                                         
Upgrade to 150l gray water tank with manual valve                                                                           
Electronic level sensors per tank                                                                                                                  
Bathroom vanity waterfall mixer                                                                                                              
Kitchen mixer in lieu of hot/cold valve                                                                                                    
Shower temperature thermostat mixer in lieu of hot/cold water valve                                         
Upgrade to electric gate valve for each waste water tank                                                                 
Upgrade fresh water pump with accumulator for smooth water delivery                                     
Pex plumbing crimped including fitting per meter                                                                                 

Plumbing – Options

Hot Water
Hot water circulation pipe with pump for instant hot water without water
waste in kitchen and bathroom.                                                                                                                 
Optional solar hot water panels with 10W solar panel and pump                                                      
Hot water circulation pipe for outside shower when applicable                                                        

Perspex 8mm shower screen in lieu of shower curtain with fittings                                               
Shower water recirculation system with high pressure pump                                                          
Keypad for shower control inside shower with electronic valve controller                                      
Shower with diverter for rain head and shower hose                                                                              
Body jets left (3) and/or right (3) with diverter                                                                                                                      
Body jets right (3) with diverter                                                                                                                    

On demand water heater for shower recirculation with mixer valve
including electrical installation (large electrical package required)                                                   

Flush valve for recirculation tank bypassing the graywater                                                                  
Additional hot/cold shower hose on outside right of rear steps.                                                        
Thermostat mixer for external shower                                                                                                      

Additional 150l fresh water tank  (maximum of 4)                                                                                 
Separate drinking water tank 100l with separate fill line, pump and single tap in kitchen.         
Water filter for drinking water                                                                                                                       
Additional drinking water outlet in bathroom.                                                                                        
Separation valves for freshwater tanks inlet and outlet to allow individual
use and transfer of water between tanks    (per tank)                                                                           
Fresh water dump valve                                                                                                                                 
Additional drinking water tank 100l including pipes up to 2 tanks total (200l)                                
Separation valves for drinking water tanks inlet and outlet to allow individual
use and transfer of water between tanks    (per tank)                                                                           
Macerator for blackwater outlet in lieu of gravity drain                                                                        
Second grey water tank for kitchen                                                                                                             
Separate grey water waste pump for kitchen grey water.                                                                    

Raw water toilet with macerator using gray water for flushing (requires black water tank)    
Selector for gray water or fresh water for toilet flush                                                                            
Bidet hose next to toilet.                                                                                                                               

Optional Hot Water Heating System

Fan heat exchanger for living room, bedroom (each – 3 fan levels on/off switch )                       
Fan heat exchanger for work area, bathroom (each)                                                                            
Individual flow control for each heat exchanger                                                                                    
Fan controller for each heater fan.                                                                                                             
Water circulation pump for heat exchange                                                                                             
Temperature sensors for water temperature monitoring and temperature control.                      

Note:  Features are included in a basic version. Upgrades enhance or change basic features, where Options are entirely additional, selectable inclusions.