A 21st Century Home For The Serious Traveller

What you can expect from our van

  • Space age materials – no rust, no rot, no mold for the life of the van
  • Sophisticated all electric energy management for grid independent living
  • Massive payload and large storage areas for convenience and safety
  • Solid chassis with extra heavy duty legs for auto leveling and sturdy rest
  • Full size bathroom with luxury shower and unique water management
  • Up to nine water tanks with capacitive level sensing 
  • Hot and cold water management for minimum waste and instant hot water
  • Efficient split system, dual head, inverter air condition for high comfort
  • Lighting design with extensive functions for control of lighting effects   
  • CCTV security system with GSM uplink or Wifi connection
  • Solar hot water system for energy efficient water use and heating
  • Winter package including floor heating for pleasant stays in the cold
  • On board generator with remote control for peak demand 
  • No gas, no vents, no toxic fumes, no dust
  •  Rear deck with shade roof and fly screen side walls
  • Gooseneck coupling for maximum use of space on tow vehicle 
  • On board desalinator for water purification  
  • Marine hatches for best withstanding harsh UV exposures and heavy rain
  • Provision for Starlink mobile with range extender and wireless access point
  • Wifi for long range remote control and camera feeds
  • Internet logging for energy management and use


What you can expect from us

Our production methods and quality assurance creates a robust and reliable product. 

We stand by our work with 5 years warranty on workmanship and a 10 year warranty on body and chassis, except brake pads, tires and shock absorbers, which are subject to normal wear and tare and are covered by a 1 year warranty.

We guarantee a life long, return to base repair service for the original owner. If a van is sold on, the repair guarantee is limited to 10 years from the day of the original purchase.  

Our electronics are field upgradable and can be remotely diagnosed from our base, no matter where the van is located, as long as it is connected to the internet. We will diagnose any malfunction in the electronics and are able to send out replacement components if required. All components are plug and play and can be replaced by anyone except components requiring a licensed electrician. 

Our vans come in a base configuration with a large number of upgrades and options, to tailor the van to the requirements of the original owner. Many upgrades and options are only available at the time of construction of the van and cannot be installed after construction ended. For example: The deck option must be selected before construction commences. Contact us for more information. 



GTM                             6000kg
ATM                              7000kg
Tare                from     3900kg
Coupling max weight 1000kg 
Tires                              255/85/16
Rims                              8 x 6.5″
Length                          10.97 m
Width                              2.46 m

The important question:  What does it cost ?

Our upgrade and option price list contains over 200 positions, which makes it impossible to specify a fixed price. 

A typical configuration with many but not all options would start at AUD 220,000+ .

Please contact us for more details.


To tow this van a heavy vehicle license for articulated vehicles is required. The tow vehicle requires an air brake setup. 

We will not sell a van without proof of the tow vehicle.

The ATM can be de-rated if required, but not below 4.5t.